Strategy to build a sustainable world

If one thing was made clear in 2020, it is that the global community is more connected than ever.

The challenges created by record greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, urbanization and the demand for energy and resources are reshaping the world around us and demanding a forward-looking strategy. Trane Technologies is part of the solution. 

Our expertise and capabilities make it possible to implement industry-changing innovations. From our Board of Directors and senior leadership to our engineers and employee Green Teams, we are dedicated to climate solutions. 

We are responding to the worldwide need for sustainability innovation. Sustainability is core to our growth strategy, product development process, materials selection, resource management and supply chain. We have systemically updated design processes to align with total life-cycle best management practices. 

We recognize that what gets measured gets managed and having ambitious goals can drive an aggressive agenda. Our 2030 Sustainability Commitments compel us to think bigger and act bolder in order to realize a better future.

Key Stats



Total reduction in energy use since 2019


Metric tons of CO2e

Reduced from our customer carbon footprint (product use + systems efficiency) in 2020


Sites (manufacturing and campuses) that achieved zero waste to landfill in 2020